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Our Mission

We specialize in
OEM, ODM, and OBM.

We are a 20-year-old manufacturing company with over 60 employees, 5 lakh sq ft of area, and 600 HP power. We specialize in OEM, ODM, and OBM for a variety of industries.

Our Vision

High-precision metal forming and welding & fabrication products, delivered on time and at the right price.

Our Mission

To become Chennai's premier manufacturer of precision metal products and assemblies through R&D, automation, and customer delight.


Launch Company

Tool room services and sheetmetal component manufacturing started


Incorporated as private limited company+

Member in the Company Increased to 25,ISO/TS cerification obtained


Get Best Service Award

Got best award from Murugappa group company TIDC Ltd


Heavy Engineering Fabrication unit started

11,000 KVA with dedicated industrial power and 4,00,000 sqft working area obtained

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